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Date: Saturday, 12th of May

Time: 5.00 pm

Address: The Rum Factory gallery, 49 Pennington St, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 2BD.

This talk is about the curatorial project that I am working at the moment, it is not finished jet, it is ongoing. I am working with the Palestinian refugee community in Palestine, curating the collaborative and participatory photography exhibition entitled “MIGRANTS: Palestinian refugee children in Palestine. What does home mean to you?” the aim of this project is to tell multiple stories, it is a collaborative and participatory project where participants submit a photograph and a piece of text answering the question: What does home mean to you? with this project I would like to hear as many voices a possible.

The word Migrants, is too generic right? It creates a defined division: We are the Migrants, you are the Natives. Also the title of the exhibition might sound contradictory, is it possible for someone to be refugee in their own country? I want to show this in the exhibition, how we individually, without entering in this division, interpret the word Migrant and what it means to us, asking the question: What does migration mean to you?

Tickets will be sold at the door: adults £8 and concessions £6. The collected donations will be given to the children in the community.

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