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Back to my mum’s home, I grabbed the last book for the letter Z of one of the encyclopaedias that belonged to my father, how can I describe this piece? It is gorgeous, leather bound, printed in the 60's with colour pictures. It is an artwork. After starting from the back of the book looking through world images of people, landscapes of countries, atlas maps, pictures fauna, flora, after this journey, I managed to reach a section dedicated to satellites and astronauts. Looking at these innocent images makes me also want to cry, in its pages you can see the satellite for the weather broadcast, another one for communications and then floating in the universe, the figure of the isolated astronaut, like an action woman with limbs that are open as if she was embracing the void. A version of Medea daughter of the sun, with the Argonauts, on a different land.

The order of things, does not look real, the whole collection of images create a very innocent mythological landscape, made of metal objects, shiny ships, lit against the black gravity-less ocean. Boats close to each other, in an endless sea but consciously disperse in a limited book space. Looking at these images with distorted perspectives, is looking at the well-arranged photo collages of wild flora and fauna from the back pages.

Today, the world has lost fifty percent of its biodiversity.

To balance it, the universe has won 60.000 new satellites. This same technology has a “good” purpose; sharing information about global climate change. It is planned that we will reach the total of 180.000 satellites surrounding the planet earth, kidnapping it, until it disappears.

All these satellites will create a new 3D universe made of data. Which is connected directly to the industry 4C; digital surgery, digital military arms, the internet of things and so on, the list is endless. All of them relying in technology, when time and space become one, the recent introduction of 5G technology, look out for cameras in your area.

While this data is resting, or better let's say restless, in flow-fly clouds, featuring like angels.

After our bodies die our data will remind here, soulless data or replacing the soul?

Files full of stories that algorithms of robotic historians and robotic neuro-scientists will look back with nostalgia sighting; the Data Age, is just my favourite, only after the Iron Age.

Today, when we pass away, our organs can be donated, only if we have arranged this previously. I have a donators pink card from my hospital that even though it looks fake, an accessory from Barbie doll, it is a real deal. Then, I wonder what will happen to our data? Would our data be traded by all these companies that are banking on it? Or will we have a digital funeral? If I start writing all the configurations,

I am sure I would find a good, set up for a sci-fi poem,


collected data

equals capital data

data currency

drunk in data

eternal data

traded data

black market data

data organs

meta data

post data

data wars

data dating big data.

body & data

blueprint data

mafia data

cloned data

delete my data.

Our interfaced universe, the analytical system that manipulates voters; inventing post-truth data. Data that divides people, data that polarises wealth, data that denies climate change, data that is that, non democratic data, authoritarian data.

Back to the subject, looking at this post-war object, makes you think how obsolete its content is, or maybe not, it reminds you that when you were small this was your tool to make your school homework, today replaced by google search tool bar. A beautiful commodity which is difficult to believe that is from the cold war generation, but them it was printed in Spain, during Franco's heigh. It plays the role of being a nice family friend.

In recent years, with the advancements in technology and research as well as changes in society, the programme Digital Earth was transformed. It evolved from its original concept of a 3D representation of our planet into a more practical system design to fulfil the demand for information sharing, such as a food security and natural disaster prevention.

We know that we, humans are affected by all this technology, as before all of this we were already placed in a magnetic field, we are energy. I can imagine ourselves in a near future wearing silver anti radiation foiled hats.

Our sweat glands are antennas that absorb the electricity into our bodies, fed by our oxygen and drying them.

At the same time that all these technology businesses need to be fed by nuclear plants.

We know that the largest carbon foot print in our lives comes from our homes, the narrative continues.

Staring at her eyes, time travel.

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