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Entries close date: Please send your photograph by the 5th of May.

Gallery: Superculture, Colours. Hoxton Square.

Event's date: Tuesday, 19th of May. Online


It is a photography exhibition that celebrates the freedom of movement of people.

In this evening we will be dancing to folk/ dance music and reciting poetry. "Free Movement" is a celebration of Europe and it's open customs.

Although the exhibition is not restrictive, we encourage the photographers to take photos of themselves or people dressed in folk costumes. And on the day of the exhibition to come dressed up with their traditional costume. As you may have a diverse heritage, you can always dressed up with a mixture of clothes from different tribes.

We are organising a night of poetry, dances, songs and talks. With pagant music from DJ's Borja Pena and Blooms Taxonomy.

Some of the guest speakers are photographers David Vascones, Graham Evans, Heather Mcdonough, Julio Etchart and the curator Zia Fernandez Ibarreche.

Please send the photos, confirming on the email the right to have them published to this email address:

Thank you for participating

London, 24th February 2020




In the episode entitled "The Germans" of the 1970's satirical T.V series Fawlty Towers, when Basil is welcoming the German guests to the hotel he said: May I say how pleased we are to have some Europeans here now that we are on the continent? ... I didn't vote for it myself, quite honestly, but now that we're in, I'm determined to make it work, so I'd like to welcome you all to Britain.

Looking back I realized now that the T.V series were filmed in Torquay- Devon. A lovely place by the sea that visited two years ago, where today Brexit is very popular. I guess I sympathize with the character and think the same, I am determined to make it work.

Three million of Europeans are the product of one of the EU economic freedoms: “Freedom of movement of labour”. This freedom that I had is what has made over half of the country to vote for Brexit.

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