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MIGRANTS: Colombians in London.


What does home mean to you?

For now I am collecting the photos and texts of Colombians living in London until the 28th of February, 2017.

I have chosen the medium of photography because I see photography as the most democratic medium. Now days, most of the people have cameras on their mobiles. To me this is very important as MIGRANTS: Colombians in London is a participatory and collaborative project.

MIGRANTS: Colombians in London talks about migration after the PEACE Referendum in Colombian. Today  there are 8 million of displaced Colombians in the world. It is the country with more displaced people in the world.


I throw the open question; What does home mean to you? and I hope people answer this open question with one photograph or image and a piece of text.

The exhibition will be part of a larger programme. I am also curating some talks on photography around the exhibition; Economic Migrants, Students, Displaced Persons, Refugee, Cultural Migrants, etc.

This is the format that I have continued to do during these last three projects. Normally for the day of the event I invite recognized photographers to talk about their work at the same time as the photographs are exhibited. So we can keep the debate going!

The objective of this project; MIGRANTS: Colombians in London is to open the dialogue on immigration with different communities living in this city after the EU Referendum in the UK and the PEACE Referendum in Colombia.

Thank you for participating!

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