Word power

Thesaurus and word power guide, the world’s most trusted dictionary.
It says on the old dustjacket: Helping millions of people improve their
mastering of the English language.
What are we without language?
Labouring within nothingness takes you to places, not the right places, shadow
and sadomasochistic places.

Word power on behalf of the unarticulated in the English language.
Who picks up your strawberries my dear?
It will be good to know how you consume others,
It will be good to know how you devour others, no.
Ignore space ignorance,
My place in Ignorance is conformable,
Selective ignorance,
Picky ignorance,
Neglect the know.
My place in Ignorance is comfortable,
Biased ignorance.

Invisible Identities scattered in places.
The emperor’s new clothes. It is the poet, who says: But he isn’t wearing
anything at all.
The identity of labour and money. Money is an abstract noun.

Money or monies, 


Paradoxically the word "money" originates from the temple of Juno, in Rome. Juno was often associated with money. The name "Juno" may derive from the Etruscan goddess Uni, meaning "the one", "unique", "unit", "union", "united" and "Moneta" either from the Latin word "monere"  or the Greek word "moneres" (alone, unique).


There couldn't be two meanings for one word more opposed: alone and united.

a word for salary or income.
A contradiction, money vs the cost of living defined by migrant calculations,
bills and rent, food, travel, leisure, then saving.
Income synchronises with knowledge gain, power of the word, word power.
Knowledge is not ignorance. Why would you choose ignorance?
Privilege upon privilege.
The strawberries are exquisite, thank you, my dear.

Us, the invisible force, ignorance is forced upon us.
Tearing us.
Breaking us, cracking us, bursting and crushing us.
Cashing on us by others.
Leaving us dazzling in anger and fear. Dizzy fear.
Lost in that narrow breathless space,
Fear gives us no space to common sense.

Cascade of words,

Anger equals Fear.
Anger that takes over, over the unarticulated madness.
Over and over and over, spiralling uncontrollable fear.
Circular fear,
Triangle fear,
Square fear.

The shape of fear is integrated within the organism of things.
Fear is not organic but designed.
Fear makes you feel vulnerable, that is the mechanism of the machine, chilling
to the bone.
Mathematically calculated fear
Pandemic fear
Pandemonium fear

“F” for fear. Coronavirus Fear, Nuclear War Fear, Brexit Fear, Recession Fear,
Cost of living Fear, Far-Right politics Fear, Living Fear, Death Fear. Fear.
Illiteracy equals Worry, Angst, Anxiety, Concern, Despair, Dismay, Doubt,
Dread, Suspicion, Uneasy, Worry, Awe, Consternation, tremor, Powerless of
the word. Word Powerless.

Cascade of words,

Illogical within fear, structured ignorance of the power of fear
I don’t speak the English language; can you translate to the lady this fear?
Knowledge, interpreting others, helping others.
Knowledge, speaking on behalf of others.
Logic equals clarity, equals comprehension.
This is my equation; Fear addition ignorance versus logic.
Invisible madness towards the feeling of being used and abused is there,
voiceless madness, silenced madness, invisible madness.
Driverless madness,
Broken madness,
Mad at madness, mad woman.

Is the poet, who reflects: Do you know fear? Is the poet who exclaims: who
picks your strawberries, my dear? do you know what is a temp’s work contract?
It means zero rights, it means danger and despair, it means madness. It means

A helping hand, that’s what you need.
The wise woman is not alone, it is not a singular word it is a plural word.
The wise women.
The metamorphosis between fearful and courageous is in the union, a

Cascade of words,

The Union.

Equals knowledge equals bravery, fearlessness, courage, audacity, confidence,
heroism, encouragement, assurance, boldness, daring, determination, faith,
fortitude, gallantry, intrepidity, unconcern, valour, guts, nerve, great
heartedness, virtue, doubtlessness, heart, hardihood, tenacity, backbone, lion
Courage calls to courage, syndicate women.
Who picks your strawberries, my dear?

Thank you for reading

Zia Fernandez Ibarreche

Copyrights @ little acts of subversion


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