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MIGRANTS : What does migration mean to you?

The word Migrants, is too generic right? It creates a defined division: We are the Migrants, you are the Natives. I want to show this in the exhibition, how we individually, without entering in this division, interpret the word Migrants and what it means to us, asking the question: What does migration mean to you?


The exhibition was born after the 1946 George Orwell’s column As I Please, wrote for the newspaper Tribune. 70 years after, we understand that we fall in the same Migration debate, seeing that people are not well informed by the media. “People are not told with sufficient clarity what is happening, and why, and what may be expected to happen in the near future. As a result, every calamity, great or small, takes the mass of the public by surprise, and the Government incurs unpopularity by doing things which any government, of whatever colour, would have to do in the same circumstances”


Orwell in his column As I Please, emphasised that disinformation triggers confused opinions “The fact is that there is strong popular feeling in this country against foreign immigration. It arises from simple xenophobia, partly from fear of undercutting in wages, but above all from the out-of-date notion that Britain is overpopulated and that more population means more unemployment”


MIGRANTS exhibition is an open exhibition for all photographers to submit their work. It asks the question; What does Migration mean to you? With this unrestricted series of exhibitions we would like to voice all points of view on Migration in society.


MIGRANTS is an art project which enables photographers and migrants, to showcase their artwork. MIGRANTS's aim is to reach and engage an extensive and diverse community in the course of daily life through "Identity- Photography- Voice". MIGRANTS is expanding access to public of the innovative creative arts projects and initiatives that exist within London.


The idea is to exhibit the photography of different communities of migrants in various group exhibitions, that are taking place in and outside London. We have encouraged all photographers to use this as their theme in their submitting artwork although the theme was not strict.

London, January 2015.

Copyrights @ Z.F.I curatorial projects


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