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MIGRANTS: Europeans in the UK.


What does home mean to you?

Before  the outcome of the EU Referendum, I started to curate collaborative and participatory exhibitions on the subject of Migration. For EUROPA  photography exhibition I am asking the question: What does home mean to you?

Today we are living transitional and uncertain  times, when we are in/ out  Europe.  We are  outside Europe after last year Referendum's outcome,  but we are in Europe because the article 50 has not been triggered jet.​ 


We would like to hear and share the voices of EU citizens living in the UK.

Send your photographs and  text answering the question; What does home mean to you? to the email address shown below:


EUROPA is an exhibition of art which enables people  to showcase their artwork. MIGRANTS's aim is to reach and engage an extensive and diverse community in the course of daily life through "Identity- Photography- Voice". 

The photographs will take part of an exhibition and event that will be held this year in London .

Thank you for your collaboration!

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